Soups that our Family Loves (with Recipes) 3-4pax

Method of cooking is same for all.

10-15 mins high heat then lower to medium or low for the next 1hr 30min to 2hrsfor a pot of yums! 🙂 So medium or small fire? Key is to see that there is still a small amount of bubbling taking place in the pot while pot is fully covered.

1. Sharks Fin Melon Soup with Pearl Bean

1. 1/4 wedge sharksfin melon (remove rind, cut into 6 wedges)

2. 1/2 kampong chicken (remove skin)

3. 1 packet of pearl beans (remove from pods)

4. Dried scallop (3 medium size)

5. Red dates (6-8)

6. Water enough to fill about 3/4 of a soup pot

*Pod Cases and Rind are for display purposes ONLY.

2. Nuts About Lotus Roots


1. Lotus Roots

2.300g of Spare Ribs

3. 200g of small peanuts

4. Dried scallop (3 medium size) and Dried Oysters (3 medium size)

5. 3 inches long of Chinese Yam

6. 50g Lotus seeds

7. Water enough to fill about 3/4 of a soup pot

Psst. Cook til the nuts are soft enough…KX loves munching on them.


3. Bur bur Burp! Burdock Soup

1. 1/2 a stick of burdock
2. 1/2 kampong chicken
3. 1 cob of bi-coloured corn
4. 2 figs (the wet sort from medical hall)
5. 1 carrot
6. 50g of fresh Lily bulbs (optional)


Tips: cut the figs into halves for easier cooking

4. Pumpkin WaterCress Soup
1. 1 bunch of Water Cress
2. 4 large wedges of pumpkin
3. 300g Pork Ribs
4. 2 figs (the wet sort from medical hall)/8 red dates
5. 1 carrot
6. 50g of fresh Lily bulbs (optional)
7. 30g of almonds (南北杏仁)



1. 2 sticks of celery (remove the leaves)
2. 1/2 kampong chicken
3. 1 carrot
4. 3 medium sized Indonesian Potatoes
5. 1 packet of Pearl Beans
6. 1 yellow or red onion (Yellow preferred)


6. Sliced Pomfret Soup

Ingredients For Fish Stock/broth:
1. 1 piece of Dried Sole Fish
2. 200g of Soy beans (rinsed and soaked for about 30mins)
3. 150-200g of Baby sardines (could use ikan bilis in replacement)
4. 2 inch length ginger (skin removed, slice coarsely) *optional if you are going to put ginger in your soup later
5. One tablespoon of oil
6. 2 litres of water or more (depending on pot size)
7. 500g of fish bones (This broth is made using Ikan Kurau and Promfret bones)


Method for making broth:
1. Heat up pot with oil.
2. Turn down fire and add in the dried sole fish, pan fry til crispy brown but not burnt
3. Add in baby sardine and do a few stir to fry til slightly crisp
4. Add in fish bones, fry in pot til flesh turns white
5. Turn up the fire and add in the water and ginger
* Fire control and duration of cooking are the same as making soups of the above.
6. When broth is done, drained and set aside

Ingredients For Fish Soup for 4pax:
1.  300g Sliced fish (Pomfret and Red Garoupa are excellent, in my opinion)
2. 50g Straw and Shimeiji mushroom
3. 1 tube of Egg Tofu
4. 1 Fish Cake, sliced into 8 pieces (Purchased from Ghim Moh’s Tom Citizoom Mee Pok)
5. Tang O or Lettuce (or any of your preferred Veg eg. sliced bittergourd)
6. Organic seaweed (3inch by 3inch)
7. 1 small tomatoes cut into 8 wedges


7. Black Beans Walnut Soup


1. 200g Pork Ribs
2. 250g Black Beans (soaked prior to cooking should you want to cut short the cooking time)
3. 2 dried scallops
4. 3 dried oysters
5. 10g of dried Octopus
6. 50g Walnuts


8. Arrowroots, Lotus with Chestnut Soup


Ingredients: (This was cooked for 6 pax)
1. 500g Pork Ribs
2. 300g Arrowroots
3. 3 dried scallops
4. 250g chestnuts
5. 200g Lotus Roots
6. 10 Red dates


9. Salmon Fish Stock

Our family has grown to love this soup base because it’s simply delicious, besides being low in calories and of course nutritious! 🙂 After this soup base is prepped, we would drain away the cooked ingredients, skim away some oil (because, it can be very oily, depending on the part of bones you have) and set it aside for cooking.

Add in any noodles and vegetables to the broth, season with salt and serve hot.


1. 1.5 Kg of fish bones

2. 1 pc of dried sole fish

3. A pc of 3inch Long ginger, slice coarsely

4. 2 sticks of celery, cut thinly

5. 1 carrot, peeled and cut thinly

6. 1 big tomato, cut into wedges

7. 1 large yellow onion, cut into chunks


1. Drizzle some oil and hit up your pot

2.  Pan fry the sole fish til it browns

3. Turn up the fire and add in the ginger slices, fry til fragrant

4. Add in the onions, vegetables and sauté with a pinch of salt. Cover the pot for a while to draw out the flavours from the ingredients added

5. Add in the fish bones and fry til they are 90% cooked

6. Add in the water and boil

Reduce fire to simmer for the next 1.5 – 2 hours after 15mins of boiling.

10. Charyote Chicken Corn Soup

This triple C soup is sweet and delightful for a hot summer day.


1. 2 charyote (cut chunks)

2. 1 carrot (cut chunks)

3. 2 corns (halves or thirds)

4. 1 kampong chicken body

11. Korean Ginseng Soup


1. 1 whole kampong chicken

2. 4 slices of ginger

3. 4 cloves of garlic

4. 2 fresh Korean Ginseng

5. 4 tablespoons of glutinous ice (soaked for at least an hour)

6. 6 small red dates

7. 5 chestnuts (optional)

8. 4 chunks of Huai Shan


  • Clean chicken well discard head and backside
  • 2. Stuff red dates, rice, garlic and 1 Ginseng and 2 slices of ginger into the carcass
  • Put stuffed chicken in a pot and using the chicken as a gauge fill up the pot til with tap water till it reaches 3/4 of the chicken
  • Add in the other 2 slices of ginger and 1 Ginseng into the pot of water and bring it to boil
  • Add in the huai shan after the soup comes a boil, simmer the soup for 1 to 1.5hours.
  • Add some salt to taste
  • Add some scallions when served

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