Breakfast with Kids in Singapore

Some places to bring little ones to for a nice breakkie :

1. Keith Cafe @ Sentosa Cove

We love the ambience, food and their Nanyang Kopi. Not like that of my cuppa Ya Kun BUT thankful enough to have a cuppa of similar at such a cafe. If you are a dog lover, you will absolutely enjoy this place cos many dine together with their owners sitting at the outer area. Children get to run free or skate scoot along the pavement overlooking the yachts. I say, life is good. *wink*

2. Ya Kun @ Clementi Mall

KX eats at this Ya Kun frequent enough since she was able to start on bread. We love the service there and imptly, the owner prepares one of the best cuppa and their toasts are always crisp enough. Never in a rush to dispense pre-made toasts like in some other outlets. Uncle Ya Kun and Aunty Maggie (the bosses), as KX wld address them, are extremely nice to mothers with children. They help to serve hot beverages to our tables when they see us carrying the little ones in our carriers. A short play at the playground on the 5th floor before heading to the supermarket gives the little one an outlet to expend her energy.

3. Brunetti

8.30am breakkie is way too early for some shops but Brunetti serves decent Pancakes at that time. The portion is way too big for KX though she could actually finish 2 pieces out of the 3 served, hence, we usually only order pancake if cousin S.W. and cousin M.W are having breakkie together. If not, the coronet or croissant, as what they would term it now, will just be the smacking lips breakkie for KX together with a cuppa of babychino. The joyrides in the mall is a sweet treat for them and not to mention, a walk  through The Better Toy Store.

4. ABC @ The Metropolis

This place has NO babychair BUT the draws for KX are
(I) the bakeries, of which her fav, croissant and mine would be their Pain Suisse. Ooo YUM

(II) the space at the Metropolis is so kid friendly. KX was fascinated with the sculptures and simply walking in this well ventilated, windy, building was good enough for her.


(III) Shhh…Quiet.
This place on a weekday morning say 8.30am /45am is so so quiet. KX’s munching is prob the loudest find there. OK! EXAGGERATION!!! It’s prob the bangs from the barista when trying to make me a cuppa flat white. Will revisit.

Conclusion after I watch her that morning at the Metropolis: children will somehow find things to play with even when its not planned. Just enjoy watching her explore…

5. d’ Good Café

On the second visit to this place, I decided to bring KX up to the top floor to check out while LY waited for food to be served. For KX, its definitely more fun movin about and going for a short ‘check out’ session than sitting on a high chair waiting for brunch.

Ooo What pleasant finds. The whole exploration occupied us for good 20mins before we went back downstairs to join Daddy for brunch. There were not that many toys around BUT the rocking reindeer and several other Ikea play things served their purposes and KX interacted contentedly with them. When KX moved towards the al fresco area, she broke into a smile. She lurves monuments. The rabbits and frogs placed near the water feature got her really excited. To beat the glare of the near noon sun, I had to trick KX to ‘check out’ another stairway that eventually led to our seats. Her reluctance to comply tells me that we ought to come back and let her explore the place again. The food was ok but we totally love the surprises we find in the nooks and crannies of the place.

6. Sunset Railway Cafe

This new addition to the Clementi Arcade @ Sunset Way is truly an answered prayer to a Nanyang Kopi lover like me. Hubb read about their Sugee Cake and wanted to give it a try. We brought K.X and also Sweetheart MaMa there for our first visit and boy! I was pleasantly surprised to find them serving me a Kopi instead of a Latte or sort. Well, if you frequent Sunset well enough, this cafe truly stands out 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I say Nanyang Kopi is still the best!

I love how they served every ‘siu dai’ (not too sweet). The Kopi was just right, the Sugee cake on its own without the drizzle is also not too sweet, the kaya and also the Pandan Cake…not sugar overloaded. Yum!

Talking about the Pandan Cake, this well-baked tower that is free from preservatives is absolutely YUMMY-Licious. Its moist, fluffy and fragrant…. I can so imagine the precision that went into that baking. *Two Thumbs UP*

They do serve Asian Delights like Mee Siam, Curry Chicken and Mee Rebus. And, I can’t wait to try them all in my subsequent visits.

What I like best about this place? It opens at 7:30am… purrfect timing for KX and me 🙂

7. Crown Bakery & Cafe at Crown Centre 

It was a weekday morning when we tried out the garlic ciabatta, hot cakes, croissants, sweet potatoes loaves and their muffins. My personal favourite is their garlic ciabatta. After toast, it’s crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Love the garlic bits that were scattered on top of the ciabatta. It’s a nice variant from the usual garlic toast. 

Our order seemed kinda a fair bit but these were easily wiped out in minutes by our kiddoes. KX and her cousins love bread! We love artisan bakes and with the hustling and bustling of life, even our kids know how to enjoy delicious bakes with a cup of babycino in a fairly quiet cafe to start off their day. 
List to be continued…


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