Books that KX & KR love to read over and over again.

LY and I enjoyed buying books for KX in her initial 9months. Then we realised, there’s just never going to be enough for her. Library is definitely more economical. 😉

We try to make it a point to head down every fortnight to borrow them by the luggage. I said ‘WE’ cos LY will usually occupy her with a book or two or bring her to play at the mall’s indoor playground while I do a quick browse and then borrow the books that I deem fit her reading age or appreciation.I look forward to the day where I can drop her at the Lib to read her mountains of books while sweetheart and I go Pak-Tor (*dating*)….. Dreaming….

1. The Wide-Mouthed Frog (A Pop-Up Book)

2. Beautiful Oops!

3. The Wheels on the Bus (Interactive Book)
4. Playbook Farm 

5. Rod CampBell Series (Lift the Flaps)
a. Dear Zoo
b. Oh Dear!
c. Can You?

6. No, David!

7. Harriett, You’ll Drive Me Wild.

8. My Red Balloon

9. Noah’s Ark Pop up

1o. My Pop-Up Stories of Jesus

11. The Gruffalo Sound Book

12. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

13. There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly

14. Read Aloud Bible Stories Set

15. We are Going on a Bear Hunt

16. First the …

17. What the Ladybird Heard soundbook

What the Ladybird Heard Song

Image result for julia donaldson what the ladybird heard sound book

18. 点点和多多系列

19. Brown Bear Brown Bear

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Song

20. The Happy Little Yellow Box


…to be continued…


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