Meeting Death

We chanced upon Death today while playing at the playground. Death took away this baby female olive backed sunbird (thankful to Aunty En En who helped us to identify the dead).

KX and I looked on at the carcass and was wondering if that is the best place to die – in the middle of a playground. After some discussion about how the children will run over it a zillion time (unknowingly, of course) or the rats or cats who scavenge for food around the neighbourhood might just do it greater injustice, I made KX fetch me 2 leaves.

Carefully, we gathered the small body on the leaves and transported it to a shade under a big tree.

After we undertook the dead, I thought it might be a good time to address the concept of “death” with KX.

It is appointed for men to die once and after that comes judgement. Heb 9:27

I do not expect the 3 and a half to fully comprehend death but I just want to use the opportunity to bridge to her the topic on ‘Eternity’ as well.  If we do not know Eternity, death will hold us down. But, knowing eternity, gives us hope and with it, we will meet again.



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