My First Grab 

When my helper threw away KR’s first size 4 stent, I took a deep breath GRAB hold of myself and tried very very hard not to flare up. It’s a similar frustration to that of a child spilling his drinks or made a mistake which you have warned multiple times.

How can anyone be angry when you see a person apologising profusely in guilt? I can’t. And boy, am I glad she found some relief when I said, “nevermind.. it’s ok.”

I guess practice makes perfect. The uncountable times of saying, “nevermind.. it’s ok.” to KX has trained me to say likewise to my helper when she threw away the $200 (approx) Stent without asking me. She assumed that if the feeler has torn, the stent cannot be used.

Needless to say, after we bought our second size 4 Stent, she never dared to remove the tapings from the stent, afraid she would tear the feeler off again. We were both very cautious this time round in the way we removed the tapes from the stent before washing and also the way we handled it. However, this no. 2’s feeler gave way too!!!

I was very reluctant to purchase another one and decided to post on the support group’s FB Page to ask if anyone has any ingenious ideas on salvaging this broken feeler. A nurse in CCRC suggested taping it with tagaderm but the flimsy tape doesn’t stay well on silicone and also its flimsiness makes it really hard to handle on something so small. She then suggested superglue when I called to check on the availability of the stock. (I was really about to head down to KKH to buy it). I did not feel very comfortable with the use of it cos I would think the smell would stay even if I were to air it for a day, as suggested. Moreover, I wasn’t quite sure if the glue might melt the silicone away more than it gels it?

The clueless me decided to give FB a check again to see if any parents from the cleft support group have made any suggestion. And that’s when I saw the message from Dip** that says she has passed her size 4 to Jer** and Jer** no longer uses it for her son. WOW! Providence to the max!

After a chat, Jer** taught me how to call for a GrabCar to have the stents delivered to me. It was my first time using the app and I was quite intrigued by how flawless the whole system is. Impressive. 

The stents arrived and I was at first disappointed to see a small tear on the feeler. But I rebounded in split seconds when I saw my box of sewing kit on the dining table. I had wanted to stitch my stent in the morning when I was cracking my brain over it. However, I was afraid that if I were to stitch through, the silicone might crack further.

With the extra stents that Jer** gave me, I GRABbed hold of the needle and thread and started stitching on the right side of the feeler. And I was thrilled to see how well the stitches work on the silicone!!!!

I went on to repair the stent Jer** sent me and *tadah! As good as new.

I would like to GRAB this opportunity to thank Dip** for linking me up with Jer** and Jer** for educating me on GrabTaxi! And making the effort to pass me the stents. Very grateful!! More so, thankful for the new friendships forged.

And now, time to GRAB some supper !


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