Influenza B

It was a tough fight with Influenza B the whole of last week. It threw its punches at us relentlessly and we were caught off guard! We could not take any supplements to ward off this evil! It came fast and fury, KX and I were both hit hard. 

KX ran a fever of up to 40.4 and my body aches left me nearly paralysed. I could barely do anything (though I still did, it was literally pushing my own boundaries and limits) and our noses were all choked up with thick sticky mucous that left us panting easily. We were miserable! Amidst fighting the flu bug, I had to do cluster pumping just to increase my milk supply. I think I was a bit tat depressed. 

KX and I were masked up nearly 24/7 to keep our loved ones free from the Influenza. Boy, were we glad that we had it very much contained and KR, sweetheart and Aunty S., our helper, were spared from this ruthless attack.

KX’s fever did not go down til day 7 and at day 5, after complaining about some gastro discomfort, we were back at the GP. This time, we had to do a swab test for her to ascertain the cause. We were actually thankful to find a faint red line that grew below the control line on the stick. Influenza B confirmed! KX had fever til day 7 and mine was broken on day 5 of the influenza. We both did not take antibiotics and I thought that was a good thing cos I have a personal belief that if the body could produce its own antibodies to fight off the influenza, it’s the best! 

We found drinking fresh coconut water refreshing and hydrating. Importantly, cos coconut water is diuretic, it helps us passed out the virus quicker. Very thankful for the availability of Cocoloco through RedMart delivery. 

We drank lots of chicken soup these 2 weeks and KX even made her maiden Mee Hoon Kueh while running a 38.5. Well I Guess if we can’t chase the flu bug away, we could do something fun to chase the blues away. 

Throughout this ordeal, I was actually very thankful that I caught the same bug as KX cos that would means that my body will produce some good passive antibodies for KR through the breastmilk. God just has his wonderful ways of protecting the little ones. 


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