Over Vesak Day, KX and I spent some one to one time shopping for di di’s things at Takashimaya. We had to get a Combi teether as recommended by Aunty T (our SLT) and now that KR can bang both arms on the table, I wanna buy him a toy that encourages more of that play and interactions. While driving, as usual, I will tell KX why we are on a trip out and what we will be doing. KX was excited to spend that alone time with me while I was excited to just be in Taka!!! *blink blink* 🙂 Hmm when was the last time I went on a shopping therapy? I always enjoy shopping for the kids just that cos I am so busy, shopping for them sometimes has to be an online affair or simply a quick grab after a meal. Actually, nowadays, it’s always Mothercare at KKH since we frequent there so often. That doesn’t sound very fun huh?

It’s very funny but deep inside me I was very tempted to get KX a toy since I have the intention to get something for KR. I was secretly wishing for her to request to buy one for her! To give a little background, LY and I try not to buy things for the children unless, they need it or it’s their birthday or Christmas. Yup! KX has that ingrained in her and she was perfectly fine just browsing toys with me in the toy galore while I was searching for di di’s stuffs. It’s awfully strange but the urge in me wanting to buy her a toy grew stronger and stronger as I window shopped with her. The little girl in me set my eyes on the Sylvanian Family and I soon found myself asking, “KX, don’t you think this caravan is cute?” “What about this? Look! It’s a boat and the animals look so cute!!!!”

After a few rounds of “Oh isn’t this nice?” KX went, “Yes! Mummy, I want this!” It was a Hello Kitty Tennis set. I have wanted to get her a toy tennis set cos I think it teaches turn taking and it’s a good sport to explore. But when I saw that the set which KX chose has a plastic ball, I explained to her that the ball will not bounce well when hit and KX agreed with me. This understanding girl just moved along. And just when she has forgotten all about the Hello Kitty Tennis set, an interesting Cashier toy caught my attention. I explained to KX how that worked and asked if she would like a toy like that.

GOSH!!! What was I doing??? 

Soon, I caught myself trying to hard sell the toys to KX and I literally had to purse my lips to prevent more sales talk from coming forth!

KX passed the test with flying colours. We ran our errands and went home with a teether and a toy, both for di di.

I came back home and can’t help but to reflect on my “bad behaviour.” Actually, the more KX didn’t want a toy, the more I wanted to buy one for her. I think I just wanted to splurge on her and tell that that I love her as much as her di di. My mind is not just always about her brother, I think a lot about her too? I just wanted to spoil her in that sense. Thankfully, I was held back in time by the principles and values we wanted her to have in life – buy needs and not wants.

This lesson made me reflect on the generosity of our Abba God and the verse in Matthew 7:11 struck me.

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

A quote I chanced upon the internet, “Our God is so amazing that even a ‘no’ from Him has goodness written all over it!” Have you ever been disappointed that God doesn’t give what you ask for? That ‘no’ is definitely not a true reflection of the depth of the Father’s love for you. 


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