We started seeing Aunty T about 4 weeks ago and since then, we saw great improvements in KR’s oral motor development. We persisted with the facial and oral massages daily for the past month and KR started making more ‘up down’ movements with his jaws as well as showing more coordinated movements with his tongue. With these positive developments, Aunty T progressed with cereal feeding via the spoon! I remembered sitting there stunned as Aunty T started the first teaspoon! Is this for real? Like cereals-ly!!! As the teaspoon landed firmly on his tongue, KR lapped and drew them all in! He swallowed. A little came up to the nose through the open palate and of course by the 5th teaspoon, this little guy needed the usual cajoling til he 10 mini teaspoons. KR had his first oral feed after 7mths. My heart was so thankful to Jesus! One day closer to removing the NGtube.

‘One day closer’. Dr A used to tell me that every day when I visited KR at the NICU (after his colostomy surgery) and always bugged them when they were going to discharge him. As KR improved, he would comfort me and say, “mummy, today we are one day closer.”

It’s indefinite when KR is going to finish a bowl or cereal on his own and have the NGTUbe removed totally. But I dare say we are One day closer.

Dear Lord, I am so thankful for the work You are doing in KR’s life. Thank you for helping KR overcome all the facial and oral massages he once detested. Thank you for helping him gain some competencies in the oral movements. I am so thankful. Today we pray that KR will taste of the food that you have made for man and enjoy every single one of them that’s being introduced to him. Wet his appetite towards food and let him savour the varieties and feast on them. We pray for his palate to be able to accept the sweet, bland, sour, bitter, sharp and robust tastes of food. Let him accept them well and reject none of them. In Jesus’ name we pray for good control and coordination of the tongue and jaw movement. Let his eating be effortless, efficient and enjoyable. In Jesus’ victorious name I pray, amen. 


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