World AG Congress 2017

Evangelist Nathan Morris preached that night. Even before he started, I could sensed the presence of God so evidently strong in the sanctuary. The Lord was in the house. Tears streamed down my face as I worshiped the Lord. It was such a precious moment for me cos ever since the children came along, worship with just Abba God and me is hard to come by.

I decided to go for the rally after watching one of the publicity during Church Service, a few Sundays ago. A few things that the Lord spoke to me before attending the service:

  1. Stand in proxy for KR
  2. The woman with the issue of blood

The Evangelist preached from the story of Moses being given away in a basket to escape Pharoah’s ruthless order – to kill all the Hebrew baby boys.  He went on to speak about how God hid Moses from the devil’s eyes. We all thought Moses was done for, just like the many other Hebrew baby boys. But the Lord had  another plan for him. God allowed Moses to be nurtured in the house of Phoroah (in the house of the man who wanted to kill him) and later, told him to deliver Israel out of Egypt.

God had him (Moses) in His thoughts and in His plans all along. Nathan Morris

When I first found out that KR has Cleft Lips and Palate during my 5th month scan. I was devastated. Romans 8:28 did not comfort me at all. How can it be for good if the Lord has known that I love Him? How could He have given me a son with cleft when I serve and love Him so faithfully? The Lord is good and indeed good always, He brought Genesis 50:20 to me over and over again in the course of the past 6 months to remind me of KR’s destiny in Him. I take great comfort knowing that KR is in God’s plans and thoughts right from the beginning.

When the Evangelist opened the altar for prayers, I hesitated to go cos it was just too crowded. However, in the end I went cos I remembered what the Lord spoke to me before I attended the rally. I pressed into the altar cos like the woman with the issue of blood, I just wanted to touch the cloak of Jesus. I just wanted to meet with God. Nothing supernatural took place but I stood there, in proxy for my son, immersed in the presence of God and was at peace. Thank you, Jesus.


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