Cupcakes for Bingo!

The Chiam family flew in from Canada and a dinner was set at my parents’ in laws’ place that night. KX, as usual, was excited to go to the grandparents’ house cos her favourite little fluff ball was there. We were all getting dressed when KX insisted on wearing a dress. This was nothing unusual until she chose a dress that had cupcake prints on them.

Me: Why do you want to wear this, KX?

KX: So that, Bingo will lick me, mummy!

I found it so cute that she would want to wear a dress to impress Bingo. She wanted the silky terrier to go near to her. Of course when Bingo din lick her, KX asked why.

Me: Cos you are not wearing one with bone prints, KX. Dogs like to gnaw on bones not cupcakes.

KX: But I like cupcakes, Mummy.

Me: But you are not a dog and Bingo is not you. You guys just like different things. What you like may not be what he fancies and neither his for you.

KX was quiet for a while when she went, “Why mummy?” She is just at the ‘Why’ stage and there are many of her questions which I thought I have answered them quite adequately but she is still punctuating her comments with the insatiable , “Why”. Can somebody tell me WHY?

And so, I decided to google. Chanced upon a write up on “Why Children ask Why?” and I found something interesting which I took away.

…what they really mean is, “That’s interesting to me. Let’s talk about that together. Tell me more, please?” When I’ve connected with children and begun to spin a tale to answer this question, they’ve sat enthralled…”

Shall teach her a new way of communicating. It should be ‘Tell me more, mummy..”


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