Radio Flyer

After much contemplation and research, we decided to get KX a second hand radio flyer from Carousell. This bike hits the 3Ps in selecting a tricycle for a 3yr old. 

It’s easy to Paddle.

It’s pretty.

It’s pink! 

We know it’s THE choice when KX went, “I love it, mummy!” and grinned from ear to ear. 

It’s her second day having this chic baby home and the cutest thing she said was she wanted to bring Monk Monk out for a ride on it. 

KX took a pic of it this afternoon. The interesting thing I observed was her laying out 3 pairs of shoes perpendicular to it. 

Me: Why did you lay out your shoes like that KX? 

KX: cos my bike is pink, mummy. 

Me: but not all the shoes are pink? 

KX: (rethinking) I mean the bike is pink and white.

Me: then why the red shoes, KX? 

KX: (rethinking) oh! There are red dots on the wheels (referring to the axle). 

Me: I see! So, you wanted to match the shoes to the Colours of your bike. Pink, white and red? 

KX: Yes, mummy! Match the colours. 

Today, we learnt about being specific. 🙂 


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