Fitting in a Nasal Stent 

#throwback to the post, ‘God will make a way’, the disappointment I was about to face, then, was KR’s inability to have a nasal stent fit securely into his nose because of his NGtube. However, God is faithful and indeed HE made it possible. 🙂

With God’s wisdom, I suggested to the Nurses having just half a stent. Of course, then, the challenge would be, how to keep half a stent fit in securely? Even with two flaps, its difficult to keep the nasal stent in. The tall order is never too tough for God since His word for me was “rivers in the desert will I see…”. We came home with half a stent and the Nurses first tried version 1.0 on him.

This version did not last long as the Hyperfix came off soon after we stepped out of the clinic. 😦

I tried a few other versions before I finally came to the following,

I thank God for His wisdom and how that helped us solved nearly the impossible. KR still managed to have a stent put in!!!! Thank you Jesus!

If you need some reference on Nasal Stent fitting, hope the video below, gives you some inspiration. Every child is different and there is no one fixed way of taping hence this video truly serves as a form of reference and not a solution.

Cutting of the Tape:

Fitting in the Nasal Stent:

 A neater cut would probably snips 2 little triangles off the ‘nose tape’ instead of just slitting 2 small slits. This makes the tape test even much nicer on the nose. Just like those beauty nose pads for removal of blackheads.


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