2017 March Hols

KX ended the school’s term 1 with the ‘Green Day’. Children were to go to school in a costume made up of recycled materials. After doing some research, I think the most manageable costume would be a pair of wings. KX was a butterfly that day. We got some old hangers and brown stockings from Po Po and started our family craft time. Daddy helped to bend the wings into shape while KX slotted in the stockings to fill up the wings’ frames. I got some old ribbons to tie all the 4 wings together and finished it off by stitching the wings to a floral blouse.

To make her look more like an insect, KX pulled out a handle from a plastic bag and helped me attached it to her old hairband with 2 bread twist ties. Tadah! Our very own recycled Butterfly costume. KX loved it and so did I.

I say that’s not too bad! 🙂 KX surprised me with her pose when I wanted to take a pic of her before I sent her to class. Boy! She has really grown. What’s with that twist? This girl…

Because of KR’s appointments and therapies, this holiday did seemed a tad boring for the older one in my opinion. I felt very guilty for not being able to bring KX to the Zoo this time round cos she has always enjoyed going to this place of interest.   This holiday is just too short 😦

If there are 2 things to give thanks for this holiday would be bringing her to Macdonalds for lunch and watch the play ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper.’

One of the afternoons, I asked KX where would she like to lunch out. It was an immediate exclamation, ‘Macdonalds’. I wasn’t very keen as I thought there could be better, healthier options than that. While contemplating, I just told her to put on her sandals and we headed out.

KX: Where are we going, Mummy?

Me: We shall see…surprise.

KX beamed and knew its probably going to be somewhere she loves to dine at, albeit, not at Macdonalds. We drove to Macdonalds that day and this little one chose a Happy Meal but was a lil’ disappointed when the gift was a book instead of a usual, toy. Seeing that the weather was cloudy and fine KX headed for the playground straight after lunch. It was an unhurried “Mama and KX time”. KX loved it and so did I.


Erm…how am I going to get to the next step?
Thank you God for a nice weather.

The privilege of staying home with the kids? We get to head to a park besides weekends. Love for her to be in the outdoors enjoying a non crowded park.

Over the weekend, we brought KX for her third theatrical experience since she turned 3. This time it was ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ by Itheatre at SOTA. As usual, KX watched on seriously but the moment we got into the car, the thousands and one ‘whys’ started coming forth. A great musical teaching about the value of ‘preparedness’at an easy to understand level.


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