God will Make a Way

After the Lip Repair, the next step for any normal cleft babies would be to put in a nasal stent. This helps to keep the reconstructed nostril in shape and to be as symmetrical as the other unaffected one. It’s like wearing retainers for braces. 

Unlike the other cleft babies, KR has an NGtube in the unaffected nostril to help with his daily feedings. Hence, if I were to put in the nasal stent, the considerations from the Nurses are these: 

1. Is the NGtube small enough to put in through the hole in the stent? 

2. Even if it can, the stent has to be removed every day for washing, it would be ridiculous to reinsert the NGTube every day because of that. (OH my! It could easily be my next nightmare consider the fact that I am just regaining my confidence in putting the NGTube.) 

3. Another suggestion is to go without the stent. Then the nose will collapse over time and the reconstructed nostril will also shrink and not take shape.  😦

4.One more option given to me was to let him have the stent and we change his NGTube to Oral Tube. This would means, our little Friend has a higher chance of digging it out cos he is playing with his fingers in the mouth now! 😦 

Throughout the week, I have been thinking about what’s the best for KR. I was troubled cos I think there is really no way out for KR. Early morning that Thursday before KR got his stitches removed, the Lord reminded me of a song by Don Moen – God will make a way

“…rivers in the desert will I see!” 

Didn’t God part the red sea for the Israelites when they were chased by the Eyptians? 

Didn’t the Lord provide a ram when Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac. 

Didn’t the Lord shut the mouth of the Lion when Daniel was in the Den? 

“… he works in ways we cannot see, he will make a way for me…” 

During the discussion with the Nurses before the stitch removal, I suggested option 5 – customise a stent for just the reconstructed mostril. And when I mentioned that, the nurse said she had done it before and will ask Dr Por if this was feasible for KR. Even though they have yet confirmed if that’s all possible, I am glad the Lord has give me wisdom to suggest that! 

That wisdom is one “river” crafted out in my “desert” situation. 

 “Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19


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