Under the Shadow

Every morning after I have dropped KX off in school, I will rush home to spend a good quality one hour with KR. We will normally spend that time getting some fresh air in the nearby park connector, or simply stroll around the playground basking in the laughter (and sun, of course) of the little tots there. In a week, 2-3 times of that one hour will be disrupted when his colostomy bag or NGTube is due for change if not, we are always out to KKH for appointments. But oh well… I always tell myself even if it’s for that 15minutes to be out in the sun is also better than nothing.

The timing when we are out for the morning walks is usually after his 9am milk feed and at some directions, the sun will be shining at his face. The poor thing will scrunch up his face like a crumpled piece of paper to show his discomfort. The best shield was not the hood from his Bugabee stroller but me positioning myself more on his right to shield him with my shadow. Every time I do that, this little boy will break into a smile.

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Psalm 91:4

We can’t prevent the ‘scorching sun’ in life but we can always hide under the shadow of His wings for comfort and protections. God’s love is Intense, Intentional and Inviting. If you are having lemons thrown at you and don’t know how best to make them into lemonades, it’s time you let Jesus juice them for you. 🙂


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