My Perfect Family

Has it been only 4 months since no. 2’s birth? But it sure did not feel that way because of the way he came.

Before I was expecting my first. Someone prophesied over me that I will have “a girl and then a boy”, “…perfect and brought to maturity”… in my 5th mth scan. We knew KR was going to have a cleft lip and palate and that broke my heart. I questioned the Lord,”where is that perfection?””How can you manufacture him in such a way?”I intensely prayed for a miracle and I gathered a group of mummy friends to be in prayers for us. I often broke down at the thought that he has to go through 2 surgeries, at least, to help him lead a normal life.  Through the months of expecting KR, the Gynae was never pleased with his weight gain and hence that got me even more worried during the pregnancy. Each time I worry, I just pray and commit to the Lord. He was born 37 Week Day 1 and weighed 2.102kg. He did it have alot to begin with, but it was sufficient! Indeed, “brought to maturity.”We were thankful!

September 9 2016, I would say, was a perfect day for his birth. As prayed, he came when sweetheart was around and he was delivered in the morning. Very thankful that help was available that time to make sure KX was well taken care off before we headed off to the hospital to deliver KR.

After 6-7hours wait, KR was delivered normally and just like KX’s birth, I was overwhelmed with tears as I received this darling  into my bosom from the hands of the midwife. Even with the cleft lip and palate, I thought he looked beautiful. That precious few minutes of bonding were extremely precious because KR was soon diagnosed with pneumonia and immediately wheeled in to NICU. The next 48hours after birth flashed by as we received shocking news one after another which we were not quite prepared for. Low platelet count, inability to maintain his oxygen level, has an imperforate anus and the Paed wanted to run a genetics test as he suspected that KR has Down Syndrome. We made a quick shift to KKH for the necessary procedures to take place.

A surgery was due that night on his day 2 of birth. The 3-4 hour wait outside the operating theatre that night was extremely long and dreary. Thankfully, the colostomy surgery was a success and not a bit of his intestines was affected by the meconium build up over the 2 days.

The 30day stay in KKH was very difficult for the family. Every night when we tucked KX into bed, she would ask , “where is KR? Why can’t he come back?” Gazing into the empty cot next to her definitely did not help the situation.

A week after the colostomy op, results of the genetics test came back to us. It was positive. KR has trisomy 21. I remembered the Lord preparing my heart for the news  before hearing it from the Doctors’ mouths and I told the Lord, “test me no more Lord, may this be the last”. Hence, when the news was broken, I received it calmly and asked the Doctors how we could move on from here to better help KR. The peace of God which surpasses all understanding guarded my heart. I was thankful.

Through the last 4 mouths, God was very prompt in activating his people to send us encouraging scriptures. We were strengthened daily by His promises as we dug into His word too. We are thankful.

These months haven’t been the easiest if not for the Lord who carried us through. The joy of the Lord was our strength 🙂 since baby was in the hospital for a month, and was having so many other health complications, it was very difficult to have a proper family photo. I was also green with envious when I browsed on the FB and see some of my friends posed with their newborns for family pictures.

This CNY, we could finally take one and each time I look at this picture, I felt a sense of bliss and am thankful for the perfect family God has given me. Such a blissful moment as I could cuddle my son for a photo. So thankful that he is with me.

There are many that KR doesn’t have but there are also many that he has. If there is one which I could count as the greatest, it would be having the Lord of “the so much more” as his Abba Father. This little life has just begun and we are believing the Lord to pour into His life as we journey with him and give him our best.

Thank you Jesus for this beautiful bundle of joy you have given to me. Very thankful.


3 thoughts on “My Perfect Family

  1. Love that family photo! It’s a perfect photo of a family who has so much love for God! Keep going, mama, and you know that I’ll be cheering and praying for KR along with your family!

    – Mary


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