S.R was walking home with her mama after school. They caught sight of some Mimosas and S.R decided to give it a go after seeing her friends played with them. Her mummy joined in of course and she said this,”See, mummy if you don’t work, you can step Mimosas with me.

If there are moments which make staying home all worthwhile, one of them would be this. To a child, quantity time is as important as quality time. In fact, I would dare say, if not more. How do we even define what is considered as ‘quality’? What appears ‘quality’ to us may not be to them and vice versa?

Stepping on Mimosas, rain watching, picking up sticks from playground and skewering the leaves into sticks and sticks of satay (which can’t be eaten), watching the clouds float by on the bed through the window frame, drinking a thousandth cup of coffee from the Mother Garden set etc etc …the frivolous.

Staying home is never a bed of roses but as much as I can, I would love to. To watch you grow and to do the frivolous with you.


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