Share a Fruit: Pouteria Caimito (黄金果)

It’s nice to chance upon this fruit again after tasting it a year back. The last I bought was from a fruit seller at Clementi wet market. This fruit reminds me a little like Feijoa just that its not as fragrant. It is one of those hassle-free fruits, cut, scoop and eat. It only has 2 black seeds and the jelly -like texture makes is easy to digest for the little ones. Caimito can be eaten once the outer skin softens a little. Mildy sweet and its a wonderful fruit to be served chilled. 🙂 Healthy alternative to those sugary jellies definitely.

Decided to add a link here just for education sake: 黄金果

At the same fruit stall in Dover Crescent (along the same stretch as the famous XO Fish Head Bee Hoon) This neighbourhood grocer also brought in Grapery Moon Drops. Uncannily, this unique grape looks just about the same size as the seed of the Caimito (refer to top right corner of photo). Grapery is very consistent in their produce but between the Moon Drops and the Cotton Candy grape? I think the experience with the latter is more unforgettable.

While enjoying the plate of fruits last night after dinner, I can’t help but to marvel at God’s creativity and be in awe at the so many …so many varieties out there and I bet tonnes, I have yet tasted. Doesn’t God run out of ideas to name them? or when they were being first created? The shape, the taste, the colour…? Rhetorically, no. God pays so much attention to the creation of fruits, the non-living (well not scientifically), boy, you know what I mean…) what more us? There are abt 7.3 billion of us out there as of 1 Jul 2015 and still counting on… yet we each have our unique thumb prints and recently dawned upon me, voice too. How baffling can this idea be? That a BIG God is concern about the nitty gritty details of the vulnerable human race. When I look around me, especially more so now that I am a mama, (and have to be ever ready to answer KX’s “what’s that  Ma ma?”), the numerous species of flowers and birds … out there blows my mind.

Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Psalm 111:2


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