KX loves quail eggs and recently, she asked for them again and Yee Ma indulged in her. I would usually braise pork belly and add in these little rollies for KX. She could eat 6 at one go unless being stopped and I think the reason why she likes them so much is because of their adorable size.

It is always my dilemma engaging KX in the kitchen. The extra bowl to wash, the logistic planning, the mess…. or rather, the thought process of trying to get her to accomplish the tasks with minimal mess involved,… its just more tiring compared to if I were to just do them myself. Much faster, efficient and of course better quality. But her enjoyment and getting her to be equipped with these life skills outweighed my selfish thoughts. Just do it!

Today, she is able to peel the shell off the eggs without crushing or bruising them brutally. I am very proud of her. She had patiently removed the shell off the delicate whites, leaving almost all 15 of them flawless. Involving KX also means she is engaged and not kicking up a fuss or throwing tantrums while I am preparing a meal. Though it took a longer time, it’s definitely worth it.

Tell me and I will forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin


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