Apple of His Eye

Picked up my sis for marketing on Saturday and saw my beloved S.R walked out of bed in her PJ with her hair all in a mess, grouchy and her arms akimbo. Reminds me a little of Pippi Longstocking, muahahahah, more so, the baby I used to snuggle with every weekend before I was attached, married and a mother.

Remarked to my sis then that S.R will always be our baby, no matter how old she has grown. The 7 year old is definitely more eloquent, capable and independent now but she is still our darling.

The morning drive to church today gave me more time to process about that. Now that I am a Mama. K.X will always be my darling no matter how old she has grown and so are WE to God. We are always God’s darling no matter how old we are spiritually or physically. His love for us is unchanging. This is so precious in our volatile world.

“Sweetheart, are you ok?” My sensitive hub, turned over and asked when he noticed the unusual silence. I could only reply “Ya, I’m ok” while still soaking in that new revelation of His love for me, that endearment and comfort likened to that of a mother to a child. That moment was just Daddy God and me. After service, when I shared with LY about my encounter with God this morning, I teared as I recounted that sweet moment with Daddy God and am just so overwhelmed by His love for me.

Apple of Your Eye written and sung by Samantha Lim.


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