ACUTEpuncture? A cute puncture? AcuPUNcture.

And so! The time had come for me to meet with the long dreaded silver pins… I have heard a lot about this alternative treatment and never wished to cross paths with it. However, that fateful day left me with no choice. The lack of a good range of movement and the-ouch!-at-every-movement led me to Yi Xin TCM.

The physician diagnosed me with 急性软骨扭伤 i.e. I sprained my cartilage. The immediate treatment was acupuncture and cupping. Since it was my maiden wrestle with these foreign objects, I was anxious nonetheless but the thought of me gaining my mobility so that I could care for KX the soonest, displaced them all. I braved though the pokes and also the ‘pinches’, brought home some bitter medicine and my back was all bruised from the cupping treatment. Super CHAM!

However, like the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and what was mine? KX was absolutely cooperative after seeing all the bruises left behind from the cupping. She understood that I was in pain and did not request to be carried for those days when I was struggling with the discomfort. And since this incident, she walked a lot more… WOO Hoo! All I need to say these days is “Mama’s back is painful or Mama is still recovering…”, KX can take ‘no’ for an answer when asked to be carried.

By the 3rd day, I regained my range of movement and though the pain was minimal, the physician advised me to return for Tui Na. If you think it’s like any other Javanese or hot stone massage, you are so very wrong. Some people enjoy it but I am definitely not one of them. Whenever I groaned at some sng (achy) acupoints, the 阿姨 who did the Tui Na for me will encourage me to bear with it. She said she had to use some strength so that she could ease my pain and that I would feel better the next day. I was very grateful to 阿姨 because I would think her arms and hands must be definitely aching from doing the Tui Na for me. When I asked if her arms hurt, the petite Chinese lady, showed me a broken skin wound caused by her occupational hazard. Throughout the conversation, 阿姨 never did stop to rest her arm, instead, kneading diligently in her continuous motion.

I felt very bad after the whole Tui Na session because, in order to ease my pain, I indirectly caused another to hurt. I gave thanks that day for this 阿姨 and also remembering Jesus for dying on the cross for me so that I could live. Unlike 阿姨 who still had some monetary returns to justify the pain she suffered, Jesus died for us, for us. Grateful.


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