Pop Pop Pop Popcorn. Crunch.

A few weeks ago, KX had a play date with K.Z and Aunty S.L brought us a tub of homemade popcorns. They were DELICIOUS! S.L. cooked them with coconut oil and sea salt. Simple enjoyment, sinless healthy snacks and definitely a hit with the kiddoes. I love how they still crunch though she made a day before. And so goes the tips: Leave the cover of the pot ajar to let the hot steam escape. After that meet up, I could not wait to get my hands on a bag of kernels and start popping them myself.

We ordered two bags of Bob’s Red Mill Premium Quality White Popcorn from Iherb and got started. KX was so fascinated when she first saw the kernels browned and then started popping in the pot. Pop! Pop!Pop! Pop!Pop! Pop!

I made the first batch with Parsley, Lime Juice and Sea salt (Recipe taken from: Bake your day) and they were very yummy and addictive. However, the lime juice and butter did not keep the popcorns crispy for a long time. I would think this recipe goes well only if the popcorns were served there and then on the spot. Hence, we made another 2 tablespoons of kernels with just canola oil and sprinkled with sea salt. (Recipe taken from: Simply Recipes) They were crispy nice 🙂

KX and M.C finished the whole tub for tea yesterday… they tasted pretty bland to me actually but the little ones loves them to bits. Maybe its the novelty… maybe.



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