Fruitful Day: Cotton Candy Grapes & Snake Fruits

imageUsual marketing with unusual fruits in our basket yesterday. Personally, I have tried Salacca before but it was years back and when LY asked me how it tasted like, the long hmmm made me buy a box. I guess it’s time for KX to try these fruits too. These Snake Fruits taste like pineapple but have the crunch and texture of jackfruits. I would say its yummy and worth a try should you have yet to. Anyway, its inexpensive for a Vit C power-pack fruit.

The other new pick in the basket was the Cotton Candy Grape. Like the name suggests, it really does tastes like those spun confections. The burst of Cotton Candy flavor at your first bite, brings a remarkable experience. One would probably raise their eyebrows and go, “hmm, really sweet” after taking one. KX did and she absolutely loved these candies. Thankfully, they are so so natural and are Non-GMO. These produce are great for little ones, they would so lurve it. I got mine at Finest NTUC at about $10 plus a box but it’s worth the experience.

When I was reading up a little more on Grapery and how they grew their grapes. I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on the Witch Fingers and Moon Drops. Just the names made me curious enough to wanna find out about them. One one of their pages they said, “Enjoy our exceptional natural flavor that has to be tasted to be believed.” This reminds me about a verse in the bible,

…taste and see that the Lord is good…”

                   Psalm 34:8

Indeed, people can say all they want about who Jesus is and who He is not. One just gotta have a taste to believe that He is 100% Authentic, Almighty and Awesome! Definitely Non-GMO.


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