Celebrating Two

Mounting created Bloggif

KX turns 2 this year and it took a month of planning to see to every detail of her party. Tired for sure but its worth it! 🙂 It was a cosy family get-to-gether with just a couple of close friends and their little darlings. KX had a whale of a time and yes til today she is still singing ‘Happy Birthday to KX…”

That day, KX woke up from her nap to an array of party food set in an Animal themed decor. She was pleasantly surprised and we dressed her in a cute pink leotard that comes with a sheer pink tu tu. She was just adorable. *heart melts*

The food served that day includes a Lemon Drizzle from Carpenter and Cook, a scrumptious 8inch Mushroom quiche from them as well and some I-wanna-take-more-than-one mini tarts from Drips Bakery Cafe The infused water we did that day was one of the highlights, beating not just the sweltering heat but also any gassy sugary drinks hands down. Cara oranges with mint. Ooo Lala. Lurved it.

Besides the cousins we had two other darlings who joined her in her Turning 2 party. Jo.R and Ve.R joined in the fun this year as we pinned the Donkey’s tail everywhere,anyhow. Fun definitely to see little tots pin the tails blindly even though they were NOT blind-folded. Of course, the most pro pinner goes to our 7-year-old S.R.Wong.

Children were then given a fishing rod (DIY: Disposable wooden chopstick, brown strings with recycled magnets) to fish for sea creatures (picture cut outs with a paper pin attached) in a bath tub. I would say a little cramp but thankful enough that none of the little ones plonk themselves in and pretend to be bathing in it. 🙂 And of course needless to say, the winner goes to our super-well-developed-fine motor-skills, 7-year-old, S.R.Wong again! That day she won herself a small pint of Haagen. Well til today it still lies in my freezer cos Jie and BIL said she will ‘redeem’ it the next time she comes again. Hmmm but why is it still in the freezer huh? Jie and BIl, hearing this? 🙂

KX went through the whole afternoon celebrating with people who are really close to her – FAMILY. Year 1-2 flew past before I realised it, FIL mentioned that “So fast! One year” and I can’t agree more but just thankful that I get the opportunity to witness her every milestone while staying home with her. It was such a joy watching her grow and mature. From crawling to walking, blabbering to speaking, observing to participating, clueless to understanding. Such JOY.

Moments like this spur me on to stay home and continue with the endless cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring, chaperoning, coaching…. though everyday seemed like a monotonous regime, her subtle exponential growth rewards. I always tell LY, a mother gives and a mother gives .Period. We give so that another could live and live it to the full. Just like Jesus, mothers give without any reservation.

…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10


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