Good Feather to Ruffle

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, KX and I were reading on the couch until she felt  a poke on her back. What poked her? The discovery soon unlocked an unusual game for her. It was Puffy, a Feather. A loose one came off from the cushion she was leaning on. She examined it, EXPANDED it (oh well she tried and yes, a few fluffs came off), and exchanged blows with it. It was so fun for her that she went on for a long time just interacting with her new friend.

Unknowingly, KX used many skills when communicating with Puffy. She observed, we tried to ‘problem solve’ with her when we saw that she was not able to catch Puffy each time I dropped it from a height.

“Stand closer”, “use both hands” “Watch and wait” “Walk towards it”… *sometimes I think I talked too much and intervened a bit too fast*

Children are such tactile learners and nothing beats feeling a REAL feather and having them learn ‘smooth’, ‘fluffy’ and ‘soft’ in real time. 

It was fun! Actually, I think to children, anything can be a game and there are many teachable moments in a day.  Toys don’t have to come that expensive to bring about the same learning objectives.

In this case, its indeed a good feather to ruffle. 😉 image


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