Learning of Chinese is not the easiest for KX cos naturally, she is pretty much a reluctant speaker til date. *Sigh* She used to do so well when she was a baby when handling all the Chinese flash cards… what happened?? On the hindsight, I think I need to be even more intentional about speaking to her in mandarin and getting her to reply in that language.Today’s interaction with her tells me that we have long way to go….

Me:KX,’ants’ 华语叫什么?

KX continued playing with her toys. Thinking that she din understand that, I asked in English.

Me: KX, what do you call ‘Ants’ in Chinese?

KX looked at me but seemed clueless so I tried to give her a clue.

Me: 是叫蚂。。。?

KX; shroom!


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