Thankful for friends who remember…


Homemade cornflakes cookies cake, a nicely bloomed sunflower PLUS true friends who take time off their busy schedule to celebrate KX’s year 2, the blessing is just so overwhelming. I think I am not the only one cos the stunned expressions on KX’s face when they sang her the bday song spelled it all. So thankful for friend T.T and E.M who made her bday this year so special by celebrating with her over lunch at Food for Tots.

To top it off with a cherry, KX received a bday card today from the cell group. Isn’t she blessed or what? I seriously don’t remember anything for my 2nd birthday… tsk tsk tsk Kids these days… 🙂

Well it’s my prayer that these little ones will grow up as iron sharpens iron… to always be there for one another and spur one another to love and to do good deeds. Amen.

Just a little more reading taken from on Children’s Growing Friendship.


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