Visit to Farmart

So here comes the weekend again and where should we bring KX? Outdoors of course…. as halfway going through the list in AsianParents-What to do in Singapore, I thought of Farmart! The sanguine, me, then told sweetheart and that’s where we spent our Sat after KX wakes from her nap.

We hit the place at 4:30pm and we didn’t really get to see much except for a few free-ranging fowls and a group of hobbyists, if I am not wrong, who brought their parrots there. KX had her maiden stroke on one of the baby parrots. Even me, not the animal fan, managed to stroke it cos they were realllllly super duper cute and docile (very impt to me).

Though slightly disappointed that most shops were closed by 3:30pm, we still managed to go back home with a tray of 10 black chicken eggs which cost us $4.50. Happy nonetheless. 🙂

Will definitely revisit this place at an earlier time to avoid disappointments and maybe there will be less ‘Chimneys’ AKA. inconsiderate smokers around.


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